Enter the Powerhouse – Feeling Peachy at the Beachy

Text by Oli Benet

Feeling Peachy at the Beachy

17 degrees and I’m rolling along the beach on my Powerblades. Not on the sand, on the boardwalk. Tee shirt weather in Barcelona and I’m sweating off a hangover. 

Another rollerblader catches my eye, it’s Greg Mirzoyan. I hadn’t seen him since 7 o’clock that morning. It’s not long before another rollerblader flies by at lightning speed on their Powerblades: the one and only Richie Eisler. 

The whole crew had independently decided on a skate through the sunshine city just for the enjoyment of skating, despite only having slept a few short hours. 

Rollerskating along the seafront is what my life has become and I love it. Let me just turn my cap back to front and adjust the Ghetto Blaster on my shoulder. 

Powerhouse is getting ready for the Winterclash, and were sparing no costs when it comes to technology. While HD has become standard for all filmers we will be taking skate film technology to heights that haven’t been seen for years. 

Get ready for the Powerhouse @ the Winterclash edit coming soon – NEW technology (to the Winterclash), NEW visions and NEW bearings. Be Afraid, be very afraid. 


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