Cameron Talbott's 'Home, sweet Home!' Edit by Brian Sorg

Introduction by Cameron Talbott
Write-up by Brandon Mateer
Edit and photo by Brian Sorg 

So while I was making my mind up on moving to Missoula, Montana, I did some research. Got on the internets, and searched youtube for any and all Missoula related vids. Needless to say I found some. There was one that stood out. The local dudes were shredding the local park – which is amazing and drinking friendly – and here was this dude who was doing gnarly shit on the gnarliest part of the park. So that made my mind up. Now I consider him one of my closest friends. 

But Cameron is also so much more than just an amazing rollerblader. This dude is staring life down to it’s essence and exploring parts of the world we only sometimes hear about. He recently spent some time working at an orphanage in Belize, found love in the Phillipines, and was living life off the grid with people who are truly at one with their environment and their hearts. If you ever get the chance to meet this dude, ask him about his many tattoos; for each tells a story that must be heard. I present to you Mr. Cameron Talbott! 

-Brandon Mateer