BuddyTwor 2011

Write-up and edit by Ian Copp

Sometime around September 2011 I started planning an elaborate skate trip around the southeastern states with a car full of some of my favorite buddy bladers. As the trip neared one after another of my passengers backed out citing the global economic crisis. I blame Obama, mostly. So the tour was stripped down to me and my car visiting less people and locations than planned, but it still turned out to be just what I was looking for.

I started in Tampa with local ripper and Biology student Augusto Castillo, visited old roommates Mike Lilly and Sean Santamaria in Tallahassee, stayed with previous ‘BuddyTour’ host Cody Porche at his new home in New Orleans, and made the drive to Texas to visit Michael again. After lots of driving and way more skating than my body is used to, I’m happy to present to you, the ‘BuddyTwor 2011’.

‘BuddyTwor’ was a much needed dose of skating and hanging out during my winter break from medical school. I travelled from Tampa to Tallahassee, New Orleans, and Austin and skated with Augusto Castillo, Nick Gunter, Sean Santamaria, Mike Lilly, Blake Kelly, JC Marshall, Cody Porche, Michael Kraft, Cody Sanders, Jay Geurink, and Mick Casals.

For the full back story and edit, check out Michael’s write-up about the ‘BuddyTour 2010’ here.

-Ian Copp


  1. Elizabeth Cotten – Wilson Rag
  2. Andy Williams – It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  3. The Slaves – Shut Up
  4. Happy Mondays – Lazyitis
  5. Nite Jewel – Weak For Me
  6. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – My Human Gets Me Blues
  7. Rick Nelson – Again