Be-Mag Print Issue Number 39: Sven Boekhorst, David Sizemore & Winterclash Story Previews

For this brand new issue we took the time to catch up with the overly perfectionist David Sizemore. David is not a man who is at a loss for words, but once you get to him a certain point he starts to speak up and share his thoughts. 

David Sizemore is a perfectionist. He‘s a musician. He‘s a production manager. He‘s focused. He‘s determined. He‘s respectful. He‘s a hard worker. He‘s always pushing past his limits in every walk of life. He‘s over the top energetic. He‘s not yet recognized for his abilities. He‘s always going back to the drawing board. He‘s still a young Luke Skywalker. He can do whatever he thinks. -Robert Guerrero

Of course we didn’t miss the world’s biggest rolling gathering this year, the Winterclash 2012. Actually we visited the event with a 15-man taskforce to cover the event digitally and in print. While you might have seen the live-coverage here already, you’ll have to wait for the print story. Well, we finally selected the best shots from the vault and added them to our print story.

Right from the beginning Winterclash almost didn’t happen for me at all. After being in Europe for a year I had the opportunity to stay longer and extend my stay however, my travel visa was in process and I wouldn’t be able to leave Barcelona without this document. I had such an amazing time at last year’s event that I said “fuck it” and I booked my ticket, crossing my fingers that my visa would come so I could travel to Area 51 for this year’s event. Luckily it arrived the day before the flight, and I packed my blades for an early morning flight to Eindhoven with Spanish bladers Oli Benet and one of this year’s judges, Carlos “Chucky” Palenciano Garcia. -Kevin James Chow

When Sven Boekhorst told us about his CITYHOPPER project a few months back, we knew that this would be a game-changer. With his customized ramp Sven performed stunts on highly recognizable touristic locations in the Netherlands, such as the Red Light District and the Dam Square in Amsterdam. We were able to see him shredding the unskateable Scheveningen Pier in the Netherlands and documented it for you. 

On the 4th of October at 3:30pm, the crew involved with Sven Boekhorst‘s Cityhopper project heaved their signature launch ramp up towards the next spot. The destination in question was the Scheveningen Pier in the Netherlands; a popular place with tourists known for its long sandy beach and beautiful view on the water. This was the only spot in the Cityhopper project where permission had been sought, as it was private property. Once on the pier, the crew began to realize this was perhaps not the best area to be skating. The pier is currently being reclaimed by nature as it slowly falls into disrepair. They walked along the wooden boardwalk as it got sketchier and sketchier. -Sean Sweeney

Be-Mag Issue #39 Cover – Shot by Felix Strosetzki

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– The Be-mag Staff 2012

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Kaya Turski interview
Alex Burston interview
David Sizemore interview
Kare Lindberg interview
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