Amsterdam Week: Who’s Who in Amsterdam

Captions by Remy Cadier
Photography by Bojd Vredevoogd & Remy Cardier

Cavin Brinkman

Cavin is one of the many imported Amsterdammers in our scene. Even after living in Damsko for years he’s still repping his hometown of Hilversum everywhere he can by throwing up the 0-3-5. He likes making blade flicks with 80’s flavor and being a fucking annoying vegan. He can cycle really fast, so it seems. Has never bought a train ticket in his life.

Gijs Peetsold

Gijs ‘Piss’ is one of blading’s true pioneers when it comes to organizing shit. He’s the first person to ever to realize a real street competition and the driving force behind the only Daily Bread Pagemaster Project that ever came to fruition, the Holland Pages. At his ripe old age he still enjoys throwing himself off of various concrete structures, while occasionally landing on his feet. Poker playing, cigar smoking, single malt sipping royal pain in the ass: Gijs.

Hans Hardonk

Here’s another 0-3-5 transplant thriving in the Amsterdam culture of heavy blading and boozing. Famous on the Be-mag messageboard as Hans Hockey, this dude has a style you’ll remember. If he can find the will to put down the laptop and pick up the true top he will amaze you with the ease and flawless style he brings to the table. Catch up with him and the boys on the Museumplein miniramp for a few beers and a good session.

Ivo Vegter

Ivo is really one of those down-for-the-cause guys. He started his skateshop This Is Soul back in 2007 and has grown from an online only shop to the second ever skate shop in Holland to be focused solely on blading products. This guy is the custom-skate master. Think of any combination of skatebrands, and watch him pull it out of his bladecave. Ivo keeps everyone rolling on fresh set ups and by doing so pushes blading forward in the Netherlands.

Kenzo Soetosenojo

Young Kenzo, a smaller version of Scandjah. It’s good to see brothers skating together. Regular of UHlympiaplein. This kid has energy, so keep an eye out. In Amsterdam these kids can blow up overnight.

Linar Ogenia

Linar’s got steeze like a ninja. I’m not even kidding. The ability to contort his body in inhuman ways has lead him to not only adding flavor to the palette of bladers here in the ‘Dam, but has also helped him in creating and starring in a few noted theatre productions here in the Netherlands. But, most importantly it is impossible not to smile when you’re around this guy.

Marijn de Rooij

Knonw as Marino to most bladers, this go-getter is one of my favorite dudes to hang with when at blading events for reasons well known to those who have the opportunity. He not only co-owns and runs one of Amsterdam’s most successful moving companies, in doing so he employs half of the skaters on his side of Amsterdam, too. An original Oosterpark crew VIC member, he still hangs with the same cats as all those years ago. See him in the Duivel with usual suspects Daan, Tyron and Sergio.

Marnix Haak

Originally from Zeeland, Marnix is a really funny guy who will stop your laughing when he straps on his blade boots. Holding it down in front as well as behind the camera this dude is responsible for epic blade flicks like SuperMossels and Aorta. Now busy forcing his way into television production he still finds time to collaborate on events like his recently held Get Out The Way Blade/Bike contest. Look out for Pleerol TV.

Orveo Mac Donald

This tall fellow has absolutely no respect for drop offs, how high something might be, or even the fact that it all could go terribly wrong. This makes him a fun blader to watch. That is, if he can be bothered to slide his feet into his blades that is. Moving from Groningen to Amsterdam has put him in contact with not only the cream of the crop Dutch bladers, but also the cream of the crops Amsterdam is famous for. Get him to put it down for a sec and watch him blaze on blades.

Pascal Tan

This kid has been around for ages despite his own relative youth. Having been groomed in blading by none other than Daan Hegt, Tyron Ballantine and Sergio Hasselbaink, it may come as no surprise that this kid effing destroys everything his urethane touches. Combining a ridiculous arsenal of tricks, which he will all gladly do switch for you too, with a lust for hammers and terror spots this is Amsterdam’s finest new addition to an already impressive roster of competitive bladers. And, he is still as annoying as he was before he grew hair on his balls.

Remy Cadier

Yeah, that’s me, the Granddaddy of blading in Amsterdam. Or, at least one of them. Still can’t put down those damned blades. UH44, Ajax Amsterdam, I will never quit. Haters skaters gonna hate skate.

Ryan Claus

This one, a very fine young lad indeed. Started skating at a relative late age, he quickly caught up to his peers, at the cost of a lot of scraped skin and bruised extremities. Don’t expect weak shit when you go out to blade with this menace. A fellow lover of the noble game of Football, every other week you can find him in the Amsterdam Arena, watching Ajax beat their rivals. Scottsman in Amsterdam, he is right where he should be, Ay! Joden!

Scandjah Soetenoso

Big brother to Kenzo, Scandjah is one laid back chill dude until he slides out of the woodwork and produces some steezed out grinds. Always down for a session this newcomer is quickly becoming a familiar face in the Amsterdam scene.

Sergio Hasselbaink

This blader turned actor is living proof that you never really need to grow up. Playing on blades came natural to him, he got into acting through a skate theatre show and before he knew it was starring in blockbuster movies and TV shows. He is a very well known face in the party scene of Amsterdam, partly because if there’s a party he will be there to rock. Downside of this acting business is that he has to sign contracts forbidding him to blade during the shooting of his films, which can complicate planning a session.

Terence Buyne

Together with Linar Terence was one of two bladers coming out of southeastern Amsterdam, also known as the ‘Bijlmer’. In the Bijlmer it was pretty uncommon for black kids to strap on blades, but this kid never gave a fuck about opinions. Now, all grown up he is still kicking spots asses, still living in the Bijlmer, and still doesn’t give a fuck. Ask him to do a true fish when you see him. Shit’s amazing.

Thijs Tel

It’s hard to recognize Thijs in this picture. Normally, there’s a camera right where a face is visible now. After some CSI-ing we have come to the conclusion that this must be him. This kid is also down with This Is Soul providing Ivo with a number of services, which are no doubt super important. Besides living behind a camera when he does put it down he can do a very nice line here and there. Most likely you might run in to him at one of the many sessions on the UHlympiaplein skatepark, if he has any time left between juggling a job and his study of Earth Sciences.

Thanks to Ryan Loewy for the original idea of portraying Bladers in the way we did here.