The 2012 Be-Mag Msgboard 30+ Edit

Write-up and edit by Vincent Morretino
Clips provided by Be-Mag msgboard members 

Edited with exceptional replay value in mind, great care was taken in choosing the music for this edit. The trend lately is to pretty much mute any new edit, in anticipation of an auditory affront. Try to stay your hand, or you’ll miss some of the finer nuances of how the editing and music are intertwined.

-Vincent Morretino


Al Dolega – USA
Bill Bernacchi – USA
Ben Vanderhaeghen – USA
StarScream – Switzerland
Craig Parsons – USA
Chonghooi – Malaysia
David Janetski – Japan (Australia)
Eric Feeser – USA
Geoff Wieden – Australia
Gerard Ahrens – Australia
Guy Crawford – Canada (England)
Jeremy Goetz – USA
John Campbell – USA
John Dillingham – USA
Kevin Chow – Canada
Opie Tran – USA
Paul Wicke – Australia
Peter Wucjik – Japan (USA)
Sebastian Gruba “Basza” – Poland
Smiley – USA
Sukeats – Malaysia
Ted Harder – USA
Tobias Leonhardt – Switzerland
Vincent Morretino – USA
will.m – USA
Weiyeng – Malaysia


Theme From a NOFX Album – NOFX
Rewind – Krizz Kaliko
Jingle Of A Dog’s Collar – Butthole Surfers
Kemp – Millencolin
Sometimes the Line Walks You – Murder by Death

This is
 how it all started. And here it proceeds.


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The 2011 Be-Mag Msgboard 30+ Edit

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