Picture Me Rolling – Erik Burrow

Text by Daniel Lefebre

Erik was one of the most easy going and dedicated individuals I spent my summer with, filming and skating through the busy streets of downtown Toronto to the wondering back roads of rural Ontario. His ability on blades, knowledge of spots and willingness to explore have all come together to showcase his skating and style perfectly.

His stays at Woodward as a counselor over the past few years have given him an amazing combination skill set in both street and park which he can pick and choose for the right situation. And like most of us, Erik juggles his skating with full time work, school and his girlfriend Jessica.

As the days got colder and the deadline for completion drew nearer, Erik and I started what we called „pro Wednesday“. Basically taking Wednesdays off work for nearly a month to get in our last tricks before the snow fell and the editing began.

Thanks Erik, for the inspiration and memories!

Gettin’ ready


Mute gap


Farside Makio

This was the first profile from Daniel Lefebre’s „Picture Me Rolling“ online version. Next week we are happy to present you the talent of our good friend and contributor Guy Crawford. If you want to find out more about Daniel Lefebre, Erik Burrow and all the other Toronto locals head over to http://rolltoronto.ca

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