Patrick Smith: One Minute, One Spot

Edit by Christian Piotrowicz
Intro by Be-Mag

Patrick Justin Smith has been on the Grindhouse Pro Team some years ago. In the recent years, we didn’t get to see that much of Patrick. In different words: We saw nothing. 

But Patrick is still skating, always on the lookout for that perfect rail between his job, comics and his girlfriend. He didn’t find the perfect rail in Duisburg, but what he found there was the definition of street-skating: You take what you get! And even it’s a grimy spot, you do your best to tackle it.

Ok, I just want to leave a little statement about that stupid flat handrail I skated the other day. The day started out good. Couple of the Razors Pros have showed up at the skatepark in Duisburg, so we had a good session the whole day through. When the sun was dusking Olli told me I could skate that weak ass rail and do a “One Minute, One Spot”- section. I checked out the runway and it sucked. I checked out the rail and it sucked. Steep as hell, square, flat and kind of round on top. So, the whole spot was a joke. I told Olli that this session is going to be a 10 seconds edit (back royal and maybe a top soul). Well, I was wrong….now it’s a 20 sec edit 😉

– Patrick Smith

1. Name: Patrick justin Smith
2. Age: 28
3. Hometown: Kassel /Germany
4. Sponsors: Grindhouse support 
5. Favorite skate event you attended so far: Grindhouse tours and rollTogether Sessions 
6. Best contest results so far: 1st Red Bull local Hero Tour, Best trick x-mas jam, Howdown but no result:)
7. Three characteristic features that describes you the best: Big nose, truespin and hung low
8. Current set-up: Mix out of Xsjado Farmer white and grey, Feather light white
9. Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: don’t know
10. Good advice you’ve been given: Get as much pussy as you can, boy
11. Dumbest thing you did in your life so far: Kicked some russian in his drunk face 🙁
12. Best thing you did in your life so far: Girls, weed and skating  
13. A place you really want to travel to next: Sparta  
14. Three people you would love to skate with at your favourite spot: Roland Wander, Marco Herbst, Georgios Papaikonomou
15. One Amateur who should be pro: Jo Zenk