First Chosen Few Competition of this season takes place next Saturday

Alejoh was one of the Organizers for the “All Out” street competitions that happened a couple years ago, both of which were spectacular. This is the first chance to earn points for the Chosen Few Street Comp Series. 

The Competition will take place in Riverside which is home to some incredible spots. This competition is also WRS qualifier so come earn points for the WRS! 

This competition is sponsored by Razors, Ground Control, Jug, Remz, Intuition Skate Shop, Kallusive Clothing, Ripstyle Shoes, ONE, Be-Mag, Rockillers and ACHOSEN-FEW.COM. 

Anytime you get a chance to hit a Chosen Few contest up, take it! You can always expect some amazing skating, some great free product, and an awesome day of excitement and fun. Be there next Saturday at 11:30 am at the meeting spot: Ayala Skate Park located at 14225 Central Avenue, Chino. CA 91708. 

Check out the flyer below!