Competition Report: Street Fest Szczecin 2013

Write-up and edit by Michal Lewandowski of
Photos by Agnieszka Szkabar

On August 8 there was a contest Battle My Crew-style. Junczyslawy Crew with members Radzik, Gufi and Kuba Malecki won. Team BOSH Szczecin with Michal, Tomasz Lewandowski and Czad placed second.

On August 9 we crowned the best rider of a certain spot. That award went to Lukasz Kazmierczak!

On Saturday, August 10, there was the main competition as part of the Polish Rolling League. On that day, all the riders were skating at 100%.

The ending to these few days marked the official after party with the premiere of ‘Valo V’ at the club Elefunk. There was great atmosphere and hammer tricks! See you next year!

-Michal Lewandowski

Street Fest Szczecin 2013 Results


  1. Przemyslaw Gorczyk
  2. Krystian Zarzeczny
  3. Lukasz Kazmierczak
  4. Marcin Kopiec
  5. Adam Olejniczak


  1. Michal Luczak
  2. Kamil Gruba
  3. Przemyslaw Kepinski & Tomasz Lewandowski
  4. Tomasz Bakula


  1. Filip Podyma
  2. Kacper Nosek
  3. Mateusz Majczak


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