Up and Comers: Gabriel Adriani

Watching my brothers growing up is one of the best things in my life and watching the flame of passion burn inside them is even better. It’s wonderful to see how happy my brother Peter is when he plays football as watching my younger brother Gabriel lacing a trick. It feels like I’m playing football or making that trick in that moment. They are a part of me. Gabriel is one of the bladers who inspired my view of the game and of course one of my favourite bladers. Today I’m really proud to introduce him here on his first interview on Be-mag.com Hope you guys will meet him soon, he has the power to juice you up easy and makes you laugh more then ever!


Edit & intro: Json Adriani
Interview: Ash Gavin

Hey Gabe, tell us who you are and where you live!
Hello, I’m Gabriel Adriani. 21 years old and I am from Milan, one of the best cities in Italy.

What’s the best and the worst things about living and blading in Italy?
Italy has a lot of good spots but not as many bladers as I wish. I used to skate most of the time just with my brother!!

What setup are you skating right now and why?
For the moment I rock the Valo tv3 with Ground Control frames and Grindhouse ghost wheels! It’s my first pair of Valo and I really like them. I like the way I feel the tricks and how I control them.

What gets you juiced for a session?
I get motivated by listening really good hard rock like AC/DC and Jimi Hendrix or stuff like that, and of course watching blading videos! From Bolino to Bailey.

How did you get into blading?
I started as a Skateboarder at 7 years old then at 14 I got bored by it. Then my brother offered me a pair of USD Classic Throne and since that moment blading became a part of me.

I’ve skated your p-rail before and it pretty much comes up to my ribs. Why so big? What did small spots ever do to hurt you?
We did that P-rail at ribs height cause we wanted to make it a “real” street spot. At the beginning it was a bit hard but then we get used to it and now it’s like a normal p-rail for us!! And in small spots you can hurt yourself easier!

J mentioned in your intro that the Adriani bros are super tight – how much has it helped your blading to be part of a family like that?
My brothers help me and support me a lot in blading. Peter who’s not into the blading world came to all of the comps I do here in Milan and he is the best supporter. Just like Json, he always me around for filming or taking pics and also he helps me with the goods like wheels, bearings ect…

Are you filming a section for the Italians movie? Are you still going to be hitting all the usual contests?
Yes we are filming a lot for Italians. It’s gonna be sick!! As for the the comps I’ll be in Naples next week! I’m trying to hit ’em all!!

Who influences you style-wise? 
I get inspired by Aaron Feinberg, Erik Bailey and Chris Haffey. Those people know how to do big stuff and nice tricks.

Which bladers would you like to see get more recognition?
I guess that Gavin Drumm and Andrew Jacuzzi should be more recognised!!

That’s about all! Any shout outs to finish up with?
First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to have this interview, and I would to thank my girlfriend, my brothers and my family for the support! That’s a wrap. Blade or Die!

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