Travel Essentials: Carson Starnes

Ever since he moved to Europe last summer, Carson Starnes has made his presence known all over the continent. He won more contests than we can recall, visited more countries than we can count, and banged more chicks than we ever will. His sense of humor and good looks got him many new friends, and with his undeniable blading skills allied to a sarcastic approach to the sport, he picked up a couple more sponsors along the way… And a pair of Valo skates too.

However, all good things must come to an end, and Carson eventually flew back to the good ol’ US of A just two weeks ago. If his presence will be sorely missed in Barcelona, we all know our paths will cross again, as it doesn’t seem like the young man will stop traveling anytime soon. Fresh off the Colorado road trip, he has now touched based in his hometown of Atlanta, where he is busy with the final preparation for next weekend’s 6th edition of the A-Town Stomp!

During Be-Mag’s recent Cayenne tour, we took a look into the bag of one of the most well-travelled bladers both America and Europe have to offer. If this feature won’t teach you how to pick up girls, at least there are a couple of tricks you could learn from the master himself!

carson at greg's

Words: Freddy White
Photography: Greg Mirzoyan & Carson Starnes

What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
Wrapping up the Cayenne tour in Berlin. Spending a week with Cidy Life in Brighton. On to the Colorado road trip. Then back to the sweet dirty south, to host the A-Town Stomp 6 and start my last year of college.

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?
Selfie stick.

Favorite airport?
Atlanta, ‘cause it either means I’m coming home, or going on a new adventure.

Your trick to beat jet lag?

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Oil and spices are instrumental for eating cheap on the road. Grab a baguette and a ‘cado and you got lunch for a dollar fifty.

Roll or fold clothes?

New Travel Essentials Dos

Travel Essentials:
The Stick
Red Overall Jorts
Auxiliary Backpack
GC hoodie
3 button ups
2 t’s
2 jeans
Sleeping Pad
2 Passports
Deck of Cards
Red Slippers
Black Sneakers
Baby Wipes
Olive Oil
Multi-tool (Knife, Fork, Spoon)
Euro Power Converter
Voltaren Forte
Computer Charger
Sun Screen
Sewing Kit

Wonder what Carson’s life in Barcelona was like?

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