Tour Life: Valo in Dubai

Few brands have built their core identity through touring as relentlessly as Valo. Ever since the original release of their first team video (which was entitled We Are Valo, a statement in itself), the touring process and the many places it has taken them has been extensively covered throughout the years. Valo was built on the road, and it doesn’t seem like this will change any time soon.

Another prime example of the brand’s will to showcase the very best of blading in the most unsuspecting places is Ivan Narez‘s latest visual treat which we are sure you have all seen by now: Valo in Dubai. The team travelled to the UAE last year to attend the painting of the largest mural in the world, and skate demos for the local populations. Needless to say, they also shredded the streets hard, as proven in Ivan’s aforementionned video piece!

We offer you to take a closer look at the whole process, through the photo cameras of David Sizemore and Ivan himself, and see what Tour Life looks like for some of the best travelled bladers in the sport. Enjoy!

The Dudes



Ivan Shootin


EBpud copy


Air Al





More Dudes

All the Dudes


Boys Band


ABdubai copy


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