Top 5: Victor Arias

Victor Arias is a fun dude to hang out with. In case you didn’t know that already, you should check out this Top5. He just finished filming for “Valo V” and after his section in “Valo4Life” we can’t wait to see what he’s got this time. While we are waiting, this is just the right moment for this little feature on…

Picture by Brandon Smith

Top 5 reasons to NOT be on Facebook:
– I don’t care who’s relationship is “complicated” and who’s “single” now
– I hate hearing the term “I heard/saw on FB that…….”
– If it’s that important u can contact me directly instead of sending me a FB message/invite
– I have a girlfriend
– Over it

Top 5 things about being on Valo:
– We keeps it real
– My boss is cooler than yours
– Buncha class A dudes
– Best looking blades in the industry, always getting compliment by people who don’t skate saying they like my blades
– “Aint nobody fuckin with my muthafu%#n clique”

Top 5 filmers to films with
– Justin Lomax
– Ivan Narez & Vinny Minton
– Adam Johnson
– Richard Diaz

Top 5 worst things about filming for V
– Scheduling
– Spot selection
– Scheduling
– Waiting for Ivan to learn how to use a video camera properly
– Scheduling

Top 5 things people don’t know about you
– I take hour long showers (gotta keep it clean, and I’m sorry but there’s no way u can be clean in 5 mins)
– I put hot sauce and lime on almost EVERYTHING
– I grew up going to the ranch so I know how to ride bulls/horses
– I can outdrink your dad
– I dare you to party with me………………and keep up!

Top 5 worst jobs
– Scaffolding
– Digging trenches
– Any kind of community service
– Mowing lawns
– No such thing as a worst job in this bad economy

Top 5 items to take on tour
– Mass quantities of underwear & socks
– Toofbrush
– X-mini Slumpers
– D.O for the B.O
– Blades

Top 5 words to describe Ivan Narez
– who…?
– huge ICE
– Doesn’t know how to drink a beer
– Needs to learn how to use a .3
– Best dude!

Top 5 things about living in Northern California
– JSF!
– Living in the bay taught me how to call out muark-ass chump- ass busters right off the batt!
– Hyphy
– I grew up emulating norcal bladers steeze
– Friday night Skate

Top 5 bladers of all time
– Louie Zamora
– Vinny Minton
– Jon Julio
– Brandon Smith
– Chris Farmer

Top 5 favorite bladers when you started blading
– Louie Zamora
– Oscar Colmenero
– Abdiel Colberg
– Robert Guerrero
– Tj Webber

Top 5 ways to spent 5$
– Dollar menu
– Buy two $2.25 “out the doors” from the liqa sto
– Buy some scratchers
– Gas
– Get yourself to a place that sells F’real milkshakes & smoothies and buy one……ASAP

Top 5 things to worry about
– Rent
– Life
– Bills

Top 5 most played on your iTunes
– Mac Dre – Since 84’
– Pink Floyd – In the flesh
– Flower travelin band – Satori p.t2
– Tupac – Dear mama
– Led Zeppelin – Since I been lovin you

Top 5 ways to annoy you
– Eat off my plate without asking
– Drinkin the last beer 15 mins ago and not say “we need more beer” 15 mins ago
– People who complain about other people partying, I understand it, so I can sit through it….but if u don’t like it just leave
-Running out of beer , liquor, party essentials etc. etc. at 2am.
– People who put back empty cereal boxes

Top 5 things to do when you’re not blading
– Cook
– Play foosball
– Carne asadas with my family
– Party
– My girlfriend

Top 5 things about Europe
– No last call
– Nasty Mondays in Spain
– Cosimo Tassone
– Big blade scene

Top 5 countries

Top 5 on the bucket list?
– Travel to space
– Have kids
– Make my mother proud
– Save a life
– Make a bucket list!