Red Aragon 3 – official press release

Brian Aragon and Razors are excited to introduce the Red Aragon skate. It’s a limited edition of the popular Aragon 3 and comes with red backslide plates, buckles and laces. Highlights are the replaceable backslide plate with reinforced support beams, an additional eyelet for increased support and a highly effective PU heel shock absorber. The red A3 also comes with Jug’s SL liner which received raving reviews among skaters as Jug’s best liner ever. Its high rebound foam stays strong over long periods of time and adapts to your foot like a second skin. A silicon grip pattern in the back sticks to the inside wall effectively preventing slipping and shifting of the liner.

Unchanged are the amazing skate characteristics, such as a super direct contact to the ground, easy transitions and effortless performance of tricks such as backslides, royals and torques.


– Cross beams in backslide plate area for responsive boot tricks

– JUG gel heel pad

– Interlocking heel pad and soul frame

– Additional eyelet holes for extra support

– JUG SL liner with double heel lock and 4 point lacing

– Velcro tongue attachment

– Silicon grip pattern

– GC FLT frame

– M1 Aragon 57 mm/90A wheels

– ABEC 5 bearings