Randy Spizer Gone Fishing – A Blast from the past!

Way back at the height of rollerblading’s popularity in the mid to late 90s when Senate was in its heyday and we were all dating strippers, driving fast cars and styling our designer haircuts with the best mousse money could buy Randy “Roadhouse” Spizer was the face of the sport. Randy and I spent a lot of time together as skaters traveling for contests and demos. These days I spend much more time moussing my hair than skating (still using the best mousse money can buy!), but Randy and I have remained pretty close. We both live in Orange County and we worked together for a while at Paul Frank along with Sayer Danforth and Dan Jensen (of Scribe Industries!).

Many professional skaters have a hard time transitioning to life after skating, but Randy was always a bright and motivated kid and he has built a nice career post-skating as a Flash animator.