My 2014: Stéphanie Richer

2014 has been a good one. New products got released, people traveled from all over the world to visit some of the great events out there, awesome videos and edits came out and the vibe has been great in general. But of course, everyone’s got their personal favorites and we wanted to know how 2014 looked like for some of our favorite pro riders.

2014 was a wild one for Stéphanie Richer. Not only did she leave people speechless wherever she competed and released an incredible street edit for Loco Skates, but she also got promoted to the pro ranks of the USD team. That’s right, Stéphanie is the first girl since around a decade who got added to a boot company’s pro team, and that is quite a strong statement in itself! This young woman became the hero of a whole generation of bladies, and instead of wondering about how twisted certain people’s comments on her edits might be, let’s take a look on her 2014 and get inspired!


Interview: Johannes Jacobi
Photography: Benoit Richer

My events in 2014:

Xtrem BCN
International Roller Contest Lausanne
FISE in Nantes
Hamburg Xmas Jam

My tour life in 2014:
Unfortunately none!

My edits/parts in 2014:
Lausanne quick clips
Loco Street in BCN
Kaltik in Gap (music has been took off by youtube sorry about that)
And my USD edit

Cities in 2014:
Ste Maxime

Countries in 2014:


Injuries in 2014:
Left ankle is still not well, but OK to skate kindly.

Any specific moment or experience that stood out in 2014?
Lausanne, when I landed the cork 540 on the massive deathbox, very scary but amazing!

What was your worst moment in 2014?
The day I hurt my ankle, at the very beginning of October, because it took me out of skating for 3 months and I’m still waiting for it to get better. As I’m a really impatient girl, it’s really annoying for me haha!

Is there such thing as the best day in 2014?
Winning Xmas Jam after 3 months without any skating felt like heaven! First, because I could actually skate, and even more so because I won! I really thought I wouldn’t even be able to go down a ramp haha!

Best in 2014…

Travel buddy: Alex
Event: Winterclash & Lausanne
Country: France!
City: Gap
Online edit: Daniel Gomez Chino for that True kind at the end… Crazy guy!
Meal: Tartiflette (Winter meal with cheese, potatoes, bacon, cream and oignons… Mmmh)
Song: Hippie Sabotage – Tove Lo (Commercial sorry guys)
Boy: My brother, Benoît
Blader: Roman Abrate
Website: Facebook
Company: KALTIK
Movie: Not in 2014 but favourite of all time, Finding Nemo
Beer: Duvel
Party: A party in August with all my mates in Gap
Trick you’ve filmed: Roman’s fakie double bio in Nantes, pretty mad

What’s planned for 2015 so far?
For sure getting my ankle to heal properly, without any bit of injury, then skate the hardest I can at Clash, go to Laced and all the other contests I can go to, film lots of edits, learn freestyle on ski and start competing, why not? Most of all, succeed at university… Which comes last but is the most important!

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