My 2014: Roman Abrate

2014 has been a good one. New products got released, people traveled from all over the world to visit some of the great events out there, awesome videos and edits came out and the vibe has been great in general. But of course, everyone’s got their personal favorites and we wanted to know how 2014 looked like for some of our favorite pro riders.

2014 was a tough one for Roman Abrate. Being used to travel the world to compete in almost every event out there in previous years, he had to step back and focus on recovery after his first real injury. He destroyed his knee while skiing and it took him until late summer to be able to start riding again. Luckily he didn’t have any problems getting back into the zone and took the win at his comeback competition, the Ghetto Games in Latvia. Not bad eh? Lets take a look on what else he was up to.

Photo: Dominik Wagner

Interview: Johannes Jacobi
Photo: Joris Faribault, Dominik Wagner

My events in 2014:

Ghetto Games – Latvia
KXF Xtreme Games – South Korea
FISE – Nantes
FISE World – China

My edits/parts in 2014:
Roman Abrate – ACL Recovery Documentary
Roman Abrate – Episode 2, August 2014
Roman Abrate – Episode #3, September 2014

Cities in 2014:

Countries in 2014:
South Korea

Injuries in 2014:
ACL torn ligament
Right adductor
Meniscus surgery
Left hip


Any specific moment or experience that stood out in 2014?
My birthday. I thought I was 28 all year, but found out I was 27 haha, I felt like I won a year!

What was your worst day in 2014 and why?
The day I torn my knee skiing, because it took me a out for few months without skating and it was my first real big injury

Is there such thing as the best day in 2014?
The 19th of June, when I started skating again and realized how happy skating could make me…

Best in 2014…
Travel buddy: Stephen Swain
Event: Fardamatti contest
Country: France
City: Gap
Online edit: Tom Wallisch
Meal: A good piece of beef
Song: Like a mighty river – St. Paul & The Broken Bones
Girl: Kaya Turski
Blader: Nils Jansons, Dima Makrushin
Website: Youtube
Company: Grindhouse, Kaltik
Movie: Up 2 Five
Beer: I don’t drink much beer.
Party: The after party at Ghetto Games.
Trick you’ve filmed: Flatspin true top acid and 720 top soul in South Korea

What’s planned for 2015 so far?
I want to get back to skating and heal all my injuries; it’s taking a long time now… Hopefully, learn some new tricks that I dream of for a while, travels, filming, and spending nice time with my friends and family!

Abrate_2014_by_Joris Faribault
Photo: Joris Faribault

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