Josh Glowicki, Scott Quinn, Richie Eisler, Chris Farmer and Montre Livingston are the four people behind the Flight School project, teaching young kids the basics and finesses of rollerblading. They got the project that started six years ago at the 016 skatepark in Sweden to Winterclash, and we decided to hit Josh up to tell Be-Mag readers a bit about how to raise a new generation of bladers. This is just the beginning of a series of articles dealing with young kids coming up in blading, and next up is Igor Jovanovic and his blading school project in Sweden.

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Words: Josh Glowicki
Photos: Jason Reyna, Erick Droogh, Thijs Tel

The first ever Winterclash inline skate school was achieved with huge success. We had 20+ students from 8 different countries including some exotic places such as Palestine and Turkey. To all of us here at Flight School this marks a substantial step in the progress of our ideas and the realization of our dream. The idea behind Flight School is to share our experiences in hopes that this will give direction and motivation to a new and powerful generation of inline skaters, who, will soon be the boys and girls responsible for the further of the industry. their industry. Simple put, we wanted to give back to the community which has given all of us, such a unique life experience, while at the same moment take charge and put a good direction to a chaotic industry. What we have accomplished in the past six years has truly been incredible and could not of happened without the support for everyone who is reading this. Thank you to all the Moms and Dads out there who have put their trust in a bunch of wild, dream chasing, skater boys. Thank you to the entire 016 Skate park family, Papa Andersson, Fred, Matias and the whole crew in Sweden for giving us our first chance. Thank you to the entire Belgium crew, the Holland Fly boys, Ivo at Thisissoul the Scottish Lads, the whole family in Siberia, SIBSUB4LYFE, The Copenhagen boys, the Malakkkka Greek Seyeahhhs, The Latvian homiesssss, the Polkas over in Poland, the German gang. Our deepest thank you to Jojo, Mr. Winterclash for the opportunity to continue chasing the dream and what an epic setting to host a camp… Winterclash. Pfff, thanks Jojo. High score my dude. You can bet that plans for next years Winterclash training camp are already in the works. As well as more Flight Schools’ in new locations such as Germany, Bulgaria, Latvia, Greece and Denmark. Hopefully there is one coming to city near you and if not lets create one!!! Thanks for your time and your love and support of inline skating. It only gets better from here.

The 2017 Flight School Coaches are:
Montre Livingston – Scott Quinn – Josh Glowicki – Richie Eisler – Chris Farmer

















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