Interview and Top 5: Cj Wellsmore

Never give up. This is a common expression that we feel represents the Australian powerhouse that is CJ Wellsmore. The man from down under is finally getting what he deserves from the Blading industry.  It could also represent the 2 months it took to get our answers back from him 😉 However, we got them and it was worth the wait. Find out what CJ Wellsmore has lined up for 2013, his first tour with Seba and of course his Top 5.

Shot by Pietro Firrincieli
Shot by Pietro Firrincieli

You got back home from a long tour with Seba, a while ago… What places did you visit and for how long you were out of Australia? 

My last trip with Seba was absolutely amazing 2 months of skating in sunshine over 3 corners of the globe is quite hard to beat! Paris to Moscow to New York to Cali to Vegas to San Diego to LA! Good times.

What was your favorite stop and why? 

Tough question! Though the way Tony Rivituso hooked it up for us in Vegas was incredible good scene good people and good party.

Your Pro Skate was covered with tape; did someone try to rip it off?
There were definitely some eager paparazzi getting around at the comps but luckily my secret stays a secret.

Is there a release date yet? 

It sure is getting closer. fingers crossed for early this year!

Any chance to see you at the Winterclash, finally? 

It looks as though it’s on the cards! I’ve wanted to go since day one! Can’t wait.

What’s planned for 2013 so far? 

2013 is going to be one hell of a year! Dom west is back in Sydney so A Vine St. 2? The release of my skate and simply to make as many memorable moments that I can. Living n loving life.

Top 5 things about riding for Seba

– The connection that we have being able to share ideas and have the same mind set is perfect.
– Legitimacy
– The skates feel like putting your feet in a vagina.
– They look sick, (better then a vagina).
– I finally get to put my ideas and thoughts into the sport that I love.

Top 5 things about working in a skate shop
– You get to skate
– Sleep in in the morning
– Get free shit
– Hardly work
– Watch skate vids at work

Top 5 blading photos on your wall as a kid

– Industrial sized Cozmo poster.
– Matt Salerno cross grabbed rocket 12 ft high look to the sky .
– Blake Denis true top soul forinarow.
– Cannon ski board poster.
– Baywatch poster with Pam Anderson’s big titles on it.

Top 5 bladers of all time

– Aaron Feinberg
– Matt Salerno
– Louie Zamora
– Jonathan Bergeron
– Blake Dennis

Top 5 things about Australia

– Sunshine
– Culture
– Beaches
– Bitches
– Street drinkin

Top 5 worst things about Australia

– It’s far away -that’s all

Top 5 party people

– Mike Murda Johnson
– Keaton Newsom
– Dre Powell
– Miriam Chaplyn me mrs
– Luciano de silva

Top 5 jobs you’ve had

– Pro inline skater
– Teacher /coach
– Skater shop employee
– Barista
– Fish n chip shop employee


Top 5 blading products ever

– Seba Skates
– Cozmo Wheels
– Swiss Bone bearings
– K2 King 55s
– Senate

Top 5 video parts

– VG6 Australian section
– VG13 ASA world tour
– VG14 Louie Zamora section
– Coup de tat
– Brain Fear Gone Dustin Latimer

Top 5 cities

– Sydney
– Paris
– New York
– Santa Monica
– Vegas

Top 5 foods

– Chicken Schnitzel
– Fromage
– Brazilian BBQ
– Sushi
– Australian BBQ ‘prawns on the barbie’

Top 5 most played on your iTunes

– Michael Mayer
– Kollective Turmstasse
– Paul Kalkbrenner
– Grimes
– Hermitude

Top 5 on the bucket list

– Complete the game
– Concur four conner’s of the world
– Leave a legacy

Top 5 movies

– Two Hands
– Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
– Taken
– Starsky and Hutch
– Human Traffic

Top 5 websites

– You Porn
– Pirate Bay
– You Tube
– Vimeo

Top 5 ways to spent $5
– Mi goreng
– Schooner
– Two up
– Hot chips
– Four Loco

Top 5 things to worry about
– Customs
– Not having travel insurance
– Technology
– Liquor store closing times
– My $10,000 in parking fines

Top 5 items to take on tour

– Esky
– Ice
– Beer
– Blades
– Frisbee