Erick Garcia about his passion for blading


 I’m sure you have tons of blading stories. What’s some of the crazier things you have seen blading.

2000 NISS in Huntington Beach, CA. This was the first year the big kicker ramp was introduced. Kell McKenzie and I competed in this contest. 1st place won you $2000 and Kell did not know this. We had both already jumped the big kicker once and the second attempt, we both were standing at the top of the 40 ft. roll in, I was about to go first and then Kell asked me, “hey, whats 1st place win?”. I told him, “$2000”…Kell immediately cut in front of me and dropped in…he tried throwing a 1440 over the gap and ate SHIT! Haha sometimes money will make you go crazy and Kell proved it that day. This story is more funny than crazy, but if you were there and standing at the top of the roll in where I was…you would have also thought what I saw was crazy. Just seeing this 5 ft. 7 inch kid hucj himself to near death is just plain nuts! I have also seen bums get knocked out at Hubbas Hideout by BJ Bernhart, I have seen the craziest things skating in San Francisco that’s for sure. There was one time when Victor Arias and Brian Krans got arrested at Bittercold in 2010. I saw one of my friends compound fracture his wrist and his bones were sticking out of his skin. So many damn stories to tell. I should write a novel!

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