COE Interview: Jonas Hansson

Jonas Hansson Is my favorite filmer of all time. Watching his edits on vimeo, to watching my copy of FLYGT really get me juiced to go skate and to film. Filming has become a big part of my life due to Jonas. Waiting for his new film Traitement to come out is like waiting for christmas. After watching Flygt for the first time I immediately have been awaiting a new film from him. Now that its close I’m really anxious for the day I get to watch Traitement, and be inspired once more. I hope others who rollerblade and who dont to be inspired by his work. – gregory preston

Q: I am sure your new film Traitement will set the bar to its highest in rollerblading film history. Who will it be featuring? How many locations have you shot so far?

A: Dominik Wagner, Jacob Juul, Mat Heinemann and Kaare Lindberg are some of the people I’m shooting with. All of whom have something special that coheres with the feel I want to give this film. Others are getting on board to film over the next months, time will tell…

So far we’ve been fortunate enough to shoot in three of Europe’s greatest capitol cities namely Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris

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