Insight: Przemek Madej

Przemek is not only spending all his free time on blades but is also working for Hedonskate which means that his every day live is dedicated to blading. Instead of taking that for granted he seems to be aware of the privileged position he is in. Not only is he constantly producing quality edits to showcase the Polish scene and Hedonskate connected events, he is also pushing forward with fresh ideas promoting blading. As one of the top riders in his country he is riding for USD Poland and of course Hedonskate, but sponsors and competitions aren’t that important to him… It’s about keeping the fun in blading and showing that to everyone around. He is this one guy every scene would need more of. We are glad to present an “Insight” with Polands very own Przemek Madej.

Pictures by Kuba Urbańczyk

Full Name: Przemek Madej

Age: 25

Blading since: 2000

Born in: 1987

Currently living in: Katowice / Poland

Sponsors:, USD, Intruz Clothking, Skullcandy

Setup: Carbon 3 Black, Kizer Fluid 3 team white frame, Undercover Howard 58/90a wheels,
Undercover Twincam ILQ sus-9 bearings.


Relationship status: in relationship

Favorite artist / band: The Prodigy

Worst artist / band: Hard to say, there is so much shit everywhere.

Favorite food: Steaks and Dave’s cookies for dessert

Worst food: Sea food

Favorite city: Berlin

Worst city: I really don’t know.

Best trip in 2011: Winterclash and one of the Berlin trips, with Fritz, Glow, Mili and my homies.

Next trip: Baltic Games / Gdansk / Poland.

Next video part you’re filming for: Hawktown – 2nd part of edit featuring me and my 2 friends from my hometown. Online soon!

Przemek Madej 2011 Profile from Hedonskate on Vimeo.