Insight: Dominic Bruce

It doesn’t happen that often that some of your favourite pro riders are posting an edit of a 15 year old kid and label him as the future of blading. Scotland‘s Dominic Bruce accomplished exactly that with his last two edits. He also won the first ever juniors competition at this years Winterclash, got picked up by Blackjack and Hedonskate and theres rumors for more companies being interested in him.
Time to take a closer look on “that kid”.

Picture by Pietro Firrincieli

Age: 15 years young

Blading since: 2007/2008

Born In: Aberdeen, Scotland.

Currently living in: Stonehaven, Scotland.

Sponsors: Blackjack, Hedonskate

Set-up: SSM Bolino’s with Black Create Originals and Chimera Wheels.

Relationship status: Single

First ever pair of blades: Razor Genesy Juniors

First ever video you’ve watched: No idea, cant remember.

Favorite Pro’s: Gabriel Hyden, Bolino, Moreno, Broskow, Farmer

Favourite Am’s: Dylan Davis, Victor Galicia, Brian Bina, Adam Brierley, Elliot Stevens, Dean Coward, Nick Labarre, Christian Berg, Ross Kuhn, Kc Roche.

Favorite Artist/Band: Impossible question, so many bands i like but i guess Captain Beefheart, 13th Floor Elevators, Black Sabbath, Wicked Lady, Psychedelic Furs, The seeds and stuff like that.

Backside to gap (Picture by David Andrews)

Worst Artist/Band: Dubstep and anything like that.

Favourite food: Burritos

Worst food: Sushi.

Best job: Blading

Worst job: Yet to experience any job.

Favourite City: NYC or London so far anyway.

Worst City: Stonehaven

Favourite terrain to blade: Cool shit

Best trip in 2012: Germany in Summer, or Malta.

Last trip: Winterclash 2013!

Next trip: Summerclash most likely, and anything that pops up in between.

Next video part you’re filming for:
Dolphin Milk Cult Video and RiffRaff

Hey Dominic, you just got back from Winterclash. Congrats to your first place in the Hedonskate Juniors Competition. You wanna tell us a little bit about your weekend in Holland?
Yeah dude, thanks. My weekend in Holland was amazing, Winterclash was amazing as always, thanks for putting on the best event. I also went to Amsterdam after the clash to chill and get some clips with some of the other scottish guys.

Starting after your latest „A day in London“ edit, the attention towards you and your blading seems enormous now after the Winterclash. How you feel about all that feedback and did it change anything in your blading life (sponsors, whatever else…)?

I am really stoked on the feedback from people from my edit the Cidy Life dudes made, there the sickest dudes to hang with so was glad to blade with them for a day in London, and glad people liked the edit.
Yeah, At Winterclash, I talked with Tim and he decided to put me on the Blackjack team, which I am super happy about as they have a really solid team full of great dudes. I also recently just after the clash started blading for Hedonskate as well, Thanks for that.

Being asked to be part of the Blackjack Family (before other sponsors asked as well), must be crazy. These guys are a pretty raw and elite group of guys. Whats you’re thoughts on that? Did it come unexpected?

Yeah, I am over the moon and excited to see what the future holds for Blackjack, as Tim is really dedicated to put the sickest designs out for people. It came very unexpected yes. I was shocked, but cant thank Tim enough for putting me on the team.

Disaster bs Savanna (Picture by Pietro Firrincieli)

What you’re doing next to blading? How does a normal day in your young life looks like?

A normal weekday for me would be waking up going to school, coming home grabbing something to eat then blading. I have my exams soon too, so have been studying for them in between.

Whats planned for the rest of the year, now that it started quite interesting?

Ehm, I guess just blading a lot, film for and put a few video parts, attend as many events as I can, maybe a tour and anything that comes my way in between.

Thanks Dominc. Hope to see you soon!
You too Jojo, take it easy, Peace!

Makio (Picture by David Andrews)