Saturday is usually packed with action and the schedule incredibly busy here at FISE Montpellier. Not to forget the massive crowds gathered around every course, as 125.000 spectators joined the event yesterday! We managed to navigate through this madness, in order to bring you fresh coverage on all the latest action. So get on board, and catch up with what has undeniably become the largest action sports festival in the world, in the beating heart of Montpellier!

Intro: Freddy White
Photo report: Thijs Tel

It’s still mind-boggling seeing our little, mostly underground activity of choice be a part of an event of such magnitude, and heart-warming to welcome such a supportive crowd around the Freestyle Park. Indeed, yesterday was time for the pro finals, and the 12 qualified riders didn’t disappoint! Starting his run with a 1260°, French powerhouse Jeremy Melique destroyed every obstacle in his path with big, technical tricks, and won an emotional and well-deserved first title: Congratulations!

But it wasn’t all, as the juniors and the first couple of heats for the AM contest qualifiers also took place on the park: Far from being done yet, if anything we’re only getting started and the schedule for this Sunday is absolutely insane! Veteran contest, juniors, women and amateur finals, not the forget the best trick event, rail contest and ESA street comp: But until we get into that, take a look at what happened yesterday and stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Watch the pro finals video replay here:
Check out our photo report on Friday’s events:

The day started a bit hectic with police closing off some of the entrances to the FISE venue due to protests by the Yellow Jackets.

The 12 finalists were all introduced to the crowd and the livestream at the kick off of the finals.

CJ Wellsmore sporting his signature hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, ready to lace some big tricks in the final.

Joe Atkinson getting his focus together before dropping in for his run in the finals.

Everyone’s favourite FISE MC A.J. Stine got a mic inked, in case he ever loses the one he’s holding in his hand.

Does this guy ever not smile?
Roman Abrate was having a good time warming up and skating for the huge crowd in Montpellier.

A hundred percent focus on the face of Jaro Frijn as he makes speed for a transfer during his run.

Yoon Jay Jonghyun making speed while riding fakie for a trick on the rail.

CJ Wellsmore with a sick fullcab kindgrind.

Romain Godenaire transferring from quarter to quarter.

Yoon Jay Jonghyun transferring from one part of the park to the other with a huge 360 spin.

Yuma Baudoin rotating a massive spin over the launch box.

Yoon and CJ look on as Jaro transfers from one quarter to the other for the crowd.

The lad from Yorkshire.

Jeremy Melique was on fire during his runs, with massive transfers and technical tricks.

Joe Atkinson with a crowd-pleasing front royale on the rainbow.

There’s media everywhere during the FISE Montpellier, with camera’s for livestream, national television and tens of other journalists running around.

Fred Bukowski topsouling his way through the corner.

Nicolas Servy showing everyone that he’s got more up his sleeve than his insane flip tricks.

Diego Guilloud, visiting from Switzerland.

Stephane Torres, who runs the Raclette Jam in Switzerland, shows of his alley oop fishbrain skills on the rainbow.

Fishbrain stall by Fred Bukowski

A photo can’t do justice to Roman Abrate’s double corks.

Jeremy Melique with another huge transfer.

Jeremy’s run was packed with tricks, including this cork right after a massive transfer.

CJ Wellsmore hitting the rainbow with a UFO to make some speed.

The moment you realize you’ve won FISE Montpellier 2019

Nicolas Servy handing out autographs to the crowd.

Your FISE Montpellier 2019 podium.

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