Another video premieres at Be-Mag today, and as you can see, we are pretty keen on always bringing you the most gangster ish. For this one, we once again teamed up with the Dutchies, we like smoking with the Dutches so why not premiere another video with the Dutchies, you know what we mean, nudge nudge? It’s the veteran Patspang crew again, featuring Alexander Linde, Dick Heerkens, Randy Abels, Deveril Abels, Remco van de Pol, Sven Boekhorst, Remy Cadier, Donny Straube and Roel Verhoeven. As the man in charge, Randy Abels says, they skated like once a week: “Remco always comes up with the best spots, so we have a blast every session. Sometimes some guys hook up with the session which is nice. We would like to skate more, like everyone I guess, but it’s just a bit hard to get together more often. A bit of sun during the the evening is also a dilemma: skating a few spots or open a few brews”.

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