After a year in the making, Stan Kogutyak‘s La Rue Book is finally done. Featuring profiles from Stan The Man himself, Sam Crofts, Tom Thieuleux, Adrien Clairaz and Guillaume Le Gentil, along with blading from up-and-comers like Victor Daum, Xavier Raimbault, Jules Renault, Gauthier Kawase, Levi Van Rijn, Lucas Spenle, Théo Lapeyre, Pierre Saporta, Kevin Assor, Thibault Maillet, Dimitri Dalais, Aubin Decorde, Maceo Muller, Warren Digne, Jeremy Fanfaron, Robin Le Godec, Nicolas Mayé and Rémy Gallet.

Instead of a legthy article, just enjoy the video and the photo gallery, courtesy of Guillaume Briand.

Adrien Clairaz By Tom ThieuleuxJPG

Guillaume GAP 54 phtot By Guillaume Briand

Guillaume GAP Stan photo by guillaume briand

Sam FISH Photo By Tom Thieuleux

Stan photo by Tom ThieuleuxJPG

Tom gap wall 2photo By Stan kogutyakJPG


Tom royal up 36 outphoto by Guillaume Briand

Sam & chair By Tom Thieuleux

Also, the tracklist.

Intro :Trisomie 21 – Logical Animals
Sam: Brandon Thomas – Cantgolikedat
Tom : Strychnine – EX BX
Friends part 1 : Part time – i wanna take you out
Stan: Гражданская оборона – Вершки и корешки
Adrien: lake haze – your love nearly killed me
Friends part 2 : Los Tones – Speedboat
Le Gentil : Tombstoned – Astro Travel
FIN : April March – Le Temps de l’Amour

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