Craig Caryl was one of the producers behind T-Bone films that launched the Hoax series, the video series to bring global blading talent to the table in the mid-nineties. For us in Europe, who had a harder time getting VG videos before 1998, Hoax was the truth. From Hoax 1, that made me fall in love with rollerblading, to Hoax 2, the deffinitive tour video still holding it’s ground in terms of sheer insanity and tour life BS, to Hoax 3 and 4, that had some of the best soundtracks in nineties blading, these were the videos that introduced us to the people we consider the forefathers of today’s rollerblading. From Chris Edwards to Arlo Eisenberg, from Brooke Howard Smith to Brian Smith, to a young Josh Petty or Aaron Feinberg, as with VG, Hoax made blading and opened the door to what we call ‘new school rollerblading’, introducing topside tricks as early as 1995. This really brings back memories. Hoax 3 itself introduced us to what was going on in Europe and the world at the time.

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