Jonas Hansson has just released the first section from his acclaimed video “The Groovy Deed” and to kick things off in style they have released blade wizard Eugen Enin‘s full profile for all of us to enjoy.

As always Eugen’s skating is mind-bending with some of the highest levels of technicality seen within a video release. His legendary switch-up game continues to grow at unfathomable levels and his ability to imagine and execute these combinations is just downright absurd (in a good way!)

On top of his tech wizardry, Enin has a distinct eye for spot selection & never cowers away from skating intimidating spots such as drop rails over water, awkward stair rail transfers or chest high WTF sized handledges. All in all, the profile is very well rounded and Jonas‘ attention to showcasing the beautiful scenery in which they filmed always sets his video’s apart from other video releases. “The Groovy Deed” is one of the more entertaining VODs of its time period and if you slacked on picking this gem up, be sure and grab it for your collection now here FREE OF CHARGE!

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