There are very few current videographers with the consistent run that Anthony Medina, (@nameant) has had. Dating back all the way to his early “Texas Outlaws” VHS releases in the mid 90s, Ant has helped to provide a platform to some of the LoneStar state’s best bladers. With each new release by Ant, he helped to introduce a new breakout star to the rollerblading world. Such examples include Jason Zwack (Names), Mason Richard (Swag), Josh Glowicki (Dag Days), Andrew Broom (Waterloo) and most recently, Mick Casals (Candy). And no list of Tejas legends would be complete without mentioning it’s reigning MVP, John Sullivan.

Throughout his long history of filming, Ant has traveled the world over numerous times, making a lasting impression wherever he goes and with the help of his incredible talents he has established himself as one of blading’s most respected and appreciated videographers. And the fact that Anthony’s tenure within blading is now reaching over twenty five years, we are incredibly fortunate that we have had his presence for as long as we have and been able to enjoy the massive amount of ground breaking entertainment he has created.

And although Anthony’s work just seems to be getting better with time, Anthony has decided to call it quits as far as producing full length skate videos going forward. The amount of time and effort it takes only allows so much time for other adult responsibilities and time with family. Anthony recently was married to the love of his life, an incredibly supportive and caring woman, so that means that going out and filming with the boys will have to take a backseat to making sure that Mrs. Medina is happy. It is the right decision to make and one that any good man would do if put into a similar situation. And although “ends” is Ant’s final full length video, it does not mean he will be big wheeling into the sunset, never to be seen again. Ant will still be around; as he always is; talking mad shit and hyping the boys to push themselves past their comfort zone. Ant had this to say about the filming process behind “ends.

Following Candy it felt only right to run it back. After the outpouring of love and positive feedback we received, we figured it only made sense to do it again. The filming for this video started out the same but with some big injuries occurring, others stepped up to fill the void. Though the cast in this video changed, the crew remains. Others have said it to me and I thought it myself prior, this video feels different than others I have made. Knowing this would be my last video, I wanted to show more of the fun side of our crew and just have more fun with it overall. Though this is the last full length video I want to make, it doesn’t mean I/we will stop producing content so don’t expect us to go anywhere.

Anthony Medina

Pick up your copy of “ends, which is available now! Click the picture below!

All proceeds will be split evenly amongst those featured in the video. Mick is also selling a photo-book, shot entirely on film, over at: mickcasals.com. This is a very limited run so be sure to snag one quick. Throughout the pages are QR Codes with accompanying video of b-roll, falls and tricks from the photos. Mick found a way to be able to bridge the gap between tangible print and digital interaction, which may be a first as far as skate media is concerned (to the best of my knowledge) & will likely be something that we see a lot of going forward.

So be sure to pick up a copy of “ends and the accompanying photo book today and show Anthony & Mick some love! The video is a likely contender for video of the year and a fitting swan song to end an unprecedented run for one of blading’s brightest and most talented videographers. Thank you Ant for all you have done for the blading community, your contributions cannot be overstated or appreciated enough.











The blading community gathered in Austin Texas on September 10th for a large blade session at the famed CandyLand DIY spot prior to the premiere of ends at the Silver Medal Bar. Shots from the pre-session & premiere were provided by Gino Gotelli.