Checking in with Scott Quinn

It probably won’t be the first time you read this, but Scott Quinn‘s positivity and infectious smile are contagious. Feeding off this guy’s hugs will keep you going for days, and the kind words he will have for you when you expect it the less will boost your energy level to new heights. What’s truly unfair is that you might feel like you won’t ever be able to give back as much as you received in the first place, but I guess the whole point is about trying nonetheless.

That is part of the person Quinny is. Another part is blading, but with the banger sections he has released in the last few years, I’m sure you had that one figured out already. In 2014 alone, he traveled to countless contests, released an outstanding Wheelscene profile, and flew to Texas where he spent several weeks filming with Anthony Medina for the promo section of his upcoming signature skate for Razors. Hard work, and steady shredding on the blades indeed.

Now that this edit has made its way to the public, and his pro Razors boot has hit the stores worldwide, we are happy Quinny finally has all your attention: read on, and discover the many other parts of Scott Quinn’s outstanding personality!


Interview: Freddy White
Photography: Bryan Harkin, Daniel Laufs & Dustin Werbeski.

Hey there Quinny, thanks for doing this with us! After spending so much time on the road last year, where are you currently, and is this anywhere near the place you would usually call home?
No problem, thank you guys! Currently I am on a flight headed to BCN for another filming project. But managed to have a week back home with the boys at Unit 23 Skatepark where I live with a bunch of other riders when not traveling, and visited family before this which was awesome.

A good portion of your travels recently have been dedicated to blade camps all over Europe. How important are those camps to you, and are there any more of these in the works so far?
Yeah the Blading camps are everything. We need more of these, they are a great experience for kids to come and mix with other riders from around the world, skating together all week and learning from guys that have been in the game for some time.
This is definitely proving to be a great way to keep kids interested in the sport, seeing a big bunch of them attend Winterclash was awesome!
We have a few more in the works, dates and locations soon to be confirmed, we will see you all again soon guys!

fakie roll

When did you start skating for Razors, and how did you move up the ranks throughout the years, building up such a strong relation with the company?
It’s been 8 years now I have skated for Razors, and a great 8 years it has been.
Chaz Sands had mentionned my name to Stew Game who was team manager at the time. He came to Scotland along with Stefan Horn to make an edit, we had an awesome weekend skating together and at the end of the trip Stew made it official and hooked me up.
From then on I continued to travel more and enjoy skating as much as I ever had, but with a little help behind me and got to know and love the Razors family. Working my way up I guess was just keeping productive and enjoying being on my skates.

Now your pro skate is out, how did that come about, and how was the process of creating your first signature boot?
It was in 2013 after placing in the Laced comp at Rampworx, I was forwarded an e-mail sent to Razors about how the contest went and had mentions of a pro skate for me in the near future… I was of course over the moon.
From then we searched out a couple of shoe designs and colours, they were clashed together forming what we have now, and after grinding out my skates to fit larger wheels for a while now I couldn’t see myself down sizing, so my skate comes with 64mm and I could not be happier with it.
It was all a dream” haha!


The GC BIGs hit the market last year, and got quite a lot of attention. You have been skating bigger wheels for a while now, as a GC team rider were you associated with the development of the product?
I didn’t have involvement in the development, just tested the prototype and loved it from day one. The guys have really hit the nail on the head with this one, it really is the perfect balance through all types of Blading and I am excited for peeps to try it, it’s a game changerIi tell you!

You have also been holding onto a skate promo edit for a while now. When was it that you flew to Texas, how long did you stay there, and how was the whole trip?
I flew out to California in time for the Blading Cup which was a brilliant experience but unwell at the time.
After some rest I was back to normal and ready to hit Texas, I was there for 4 weeks and would go back there in a heart beat! Incredible spots and hospitality, Texas has a wicked scene of real good dudes and bladers.


About the actual process of filming the edit, how did things go, and how was it collaborating on that piece with Ant? Are you happy with the final result?
It was a little hard at times during the week when everyone is working and I was skating by myself, but thanks to Ant for his patience and positivity, we managed to bust through.
It was awesome filming with Ant and I’m sure it wont be the last, he is truly passionate about blading and his work, you can always expect his projects to be on point.

Now that you’ve got a skate to promote, you are probably going to spend even more time on the road than usual. When and where can people expect to see you, and shall we have a drink soon for that matter?
I plan to hit up as many events as possible again this year, I love traveling to much!
So far noted down I have Mathias’s NL comp in Strasbourg in my calendar, which I suggest you all go to by the way, but I’m sure I will be attending a few more before then and of course we will catch a beer soon! See you at the Unit 23 Open yeah?


You already know I’d love to! Besides touring, what is the next project you will be involved with? Anything in the works yet?
On my way to one right now in BCN but also a few more in the pipe line that you will all need to stay tuned for, it’s going to be another epic summer thats for sure!

Now that the sun is here, it’s looking bright indeed! Thanks for taking the time to do this with us Quinny! Any last words of wisdom you’d want to share with the world, thank you’s and shoutouts?
No problem, thank you guys for the opportunity! Wisdom hmm… “What you think about you bring about“.
Thank you to Andy, Geoff and everyone at Razors for being the best supporters I could ever ask for.
To my friends that helped me since day one till now, Keir Lindsay, Maci, Chris Morris, Russell Dinnen, Chaz Sands, Josh Glowicki, The Mailey Family, all at Unit 23 Skatepark and my bro from another mo Kriss Kyle.
And to my amazing supportive Family that are always behind me in every adventure I take.
Love you all.

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