Captured by Pietro Firrincieli: The Realstreet Berlin

Pietro Firrincieli

I got introduced to Pietro Firrincieli at the last Winterclash and the quick talks we had while the competition was running got stuck in my mind. Not only is Pietro a dedicated blader and photographer, but he’s got a strong opinion on how blading should be captured and presented. A few months later we went on a little road trip to Italy and Slovenia, later met up in Denmark for the Roskilde Festival and in Berlin for the Realstreet. The conversations we had in these last months almost ever turned into arguments. There are not a lot of people that can backup their point of view like Pietro can. He believes that our biggest potential is our lifestyle and the beauty of simple tricks done by the right people. This is the key to attract “outsiders” to blading, in his opinion.
His pictures are not the usual blading shots of a trick, but photo series of everything happening around this trick. He is not capturing a moment, but a feeling.

We are proud to be able to work closely with Pietro from now on and today we present his first photo series for Watch out for more.

Thanks for blowing my mind Pietro. I´m looking forward to our next argument about the future of the world….

– Jojo Jacobi

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Gabrial Hyden, Top Mistral
Gabriel Hyden

Dominik Wagner, Negative Makio

John Bolino, Royale chess to fakie 540
Frederik Kofoed

John Bolino, Halfcap Topacid
John Bolino, 540 gap
John Bolino
John Bolino, 540 gap
Montre Livingston

Nils Jansons
Montre Livingston
John Bolino