Insight: Chihiro Azuma

Chihiro Azuma is not only one of the best bladies to date, she’s also got that signature Asian style that makes everything look smooth and effortless.Traveling to the biggest competitions in Europe all the way from Japan every year and placing on the podium, introduced her name to the international scene, but still theres not much we know about her. Time for a little „insight“.

See you at the Winterclash Chihiro!

Shot by Soichiro Kanashima
Shot by Soichiro Kanashima

Full Name: Chihiro Azuma

Age: 16

Blading since: 5 years old

Born in: Okayama Japan

Currently living in: Okayama Japan

Sponsors: Valo, Eulogy Wheels, triple eight, Deeport, Soulvision Works, MFTbrand, Wurrfit.

Setup: Valo JJ Light, JUG White SOX liner, GC Featherlite Frames, Eulogy Haffey Wheels

Relationship status: Single

Favorite artist / band: Yuzu (Japanese duo )

Worst artist / band: Nothing

Favorite food: Chicken

Worst food: Celery

Favorite city: Okayama,Yokohama

Worst city: Nothing

Best trip in 2012: Singapore

Last trip: Korea

Next trip: Netherlands (Winterclash)

Next video part you’re filming for: Soichiro is filming me for a video at many spots in Japan.

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