Blade Check: Michael Garlinghouse

Michael Garlinghouse (Shot by John Haynes)

Michael Garlinghouse from Minnesota won this year’s Bitter Cold Showdown Am comp and has a full length section in Adam Johnsons “Pariah”. After releasing his brand new, super smooth park edit, it was just the right moment to check out his Blades. Find out what his setup looks like, why he likes it that way and what he is planning to change. “Blade Check”, round one…

Boot: Xsjado Jeff Stockwell 4
Wheels: Street Artist Billy O’Neill on the outside, Dyna BSmith on the inside.
Frames: Create Originals black with ABxSC inserts
Liner: Haven’t skated a liner for about 6 years…
Bearings: Themgoods Swiss
Why did I choose this setup: I really dig the black and brown of the Stockwell 4. Street Artist wheels are top shelf and BSmith is the dude. I skate CO frames because Brian and Hakeem run it well, the pro team is sick, and I like how the frames skate. Themgoods Swiss are the best in town.
Anything I plan to change on it soon:New souls, and new straps.
(Shot by John Haynes)

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