Blade Check: Aarin Gates is back on track. After one month without any articles we are happy to be able to take a look on Aarin Gates ride. Aarin is one of the most stylish girls out there and is killing it not only on ledges. Time for some more exposure!

Boot: SSM Marc Moreno
Wheels: Black Denial Mark Wojda 59mm/93a

Bearings: ThemGoods Jeff Stockwell TS Grade
Frames: Red Create Originals with black G-blocks
Liner: SSM Marc Moreno
Cuff: Stock White SSM
Buckle: Stock Black Metal

Soul Plates: Black

Describe your personal blade set up:
Gotta look and feel solid!

What parts do you wear through the quickest:
Soul plates/frames. I like skating ledges!

What part do you break most often:
Not often, but buckles and bearings are the only parts I’ve ever really broken.

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking:
I never really think about parts breaking.

What spares/tools do you keep in your backpack:
Always have an allen wrench or 2 and usually a set of extra Denial wheels.

Where do your parts go once you are done with them?
Usually my used stuff goes to friends (especially wheels!) There’s been a few times where I’ve given old set ups to kids at skate parks who want to try blading as well.

Flat or Freestyle: FREEstyle

Anything you plan to change on you current setup?
I just put on all new parts so I’m quite happy with my setup at the moment. Maybe some new SSM liners pretty soon, but everything else is perfect right now!