Simon Coburn is somewhat of stalwart within in UK blading. Every time it seems like he’s fading into the background of the never-ending noise that is collectively made by our busy scene; up pops Si with an edit, video part or some other valid reason to be up in your grill! Starting off in the early years as the high speed coinsurance of monster gaps lengthy ufo’s, Si was everywhere under the banner of Mark Trebbles BHC brand. Destroying everything in his path in a style that fully reflected blading in the early nineties.

Since then Si has reinvented himself continually through a natural evolution that just about all skaters go through. It’s this that has seen him maintain his position as an integral part of the UK scene. Most recently his section in Guy Millerships video ( pack up ) reminded us all just how sick he still is. Alongside that his blade weekly academy’s that are held at rush skate park also show just how much the future development of our sport matters to him.

His most recent incarnation has seen Si become a brand ambassador for the Rollerblade brand. This new position seems to have given both himself and his skating a renewed vigor. At the ripe old age of Thirty Four now; you do have to wonder just how much longer this modern day rollerblading Peter Pan can keep it up. But as these photos and his enthusiastic answers show, Si isn’t slowing down anytime soon and there is still plenty left in the tank.

Rollerblade New jack

Lade Si Coburn Signature Wheel 59mm/90a

Rollerblade NJ PRO Blank Liner

Slaptap Abec 5 bearings

Ground Control Mega Frames

Stock RB NJ cuff

Rollerblade NJ buckle

Soul Plates
Rollerblade NJ soul plates/kits

Tell us about your setup

I am currently riding the Rollerblade New Jack model, I have kept it pretty much straight out of the box but I have changed over the Frames to GC mega frames! The reason for this is that i used to ride anti-rocker for a good 20 years or so but having recently tried the Mega’s I have found that Flat set-up is the way forward for me as it brings a whole new level of fun to skating on rough terrain and smooth for that matter! Saying that though I have found myself switching between flat and anti-rocker recently! All depends on what obstacle I’m blading! Everything else about the skate I love, the cuff gives me enough support and flex when I need it! I’m using my new signature wheel from Lade, these are perfect for me as they are 59mm 90a which for a flat set-up works great, go check them out! The Blank Liner is ultra comfy so that helps on those long days of having your blades on and I love the colourway of the Skate too! Like I said I haven’t really changed much on the skate purely because why change something if it isn’t broke right? Everything about the skate works for me right now so I have no need to upgrade anything. Thank you Rollerblade for making great skates!

What parts do you wear through the quickest?

I would say it would have to be the soul kits and possibly the wheels! The soul kits though have lasted me well over a year now and only had to replace the back plate once! Wheels are just wheels but I do find that skating flat gives your wheels a much longer life span for sure!

What part do you break most often?

I did have the back soul kit snap off once but that was super easy to replace but other than that I’ve never really been one to break my skates much! I always give them a regular MOT just to make sure everything is done up nice and tight! Possibly bearings too, I guess from doing a lot of gaps puts pressure on the bearings at times so I do find I have issues from time to time with that.

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking?

I think most parts are important if your break anything but I think for me it would have to be the buckle, if that goes then your pretty much screwed and also a frame bolt if that happened to snap or become loose and come out! I try not to think about breaking parts though, if it happens it happens.

What spares/tools do you keep in your backpack?

Ha well I like to try and keep an Allen key on me at all times but I am forever losing them or putting down in places and forgetting where I put them. I must have about 50 scattered around my house and all of them are hidden ha. Out and about I will always carry a spare cuff bolt, frame bolts and the odd wheel or two incase I blow one up! Luckily having a car I can keep spare skates in there just incase. I always carry some Deathwax to keep me slipping and sliding and always a spare Blade Clothing tee.

Where do your parts go once you are done with them?

Majority of time I will just chuck them away but I will always keep any sort of frame bolts , cuff bolts etc that may come in handy. I have tried to re-use certain parts for other set-ups recently like frames and wheels! I sometimes use old skates for my coaching lessons at Rush skatepark , someone might be able to try them on and fall in love with blading!

Do you skate different setups for different terrains?

Hell yeah, I think as I’ve got older I have found fun in all types of skating from skatepark/street to recreational, urban and even heading out for fitness reasons! So obviously a aggressive skate won’t be a suitable skate for all of the above. I will start with the obvious ,so for street/park skating I have the RB NJ team skate (black&white set up) which I use for flat set-up set up, the RB NJ PRO (green/black) for anti-rocker, I jump between these two skates to what I might be wearing too! You have to match.

I have been out using the RB twister edge 110 3WD skates for any sort of urban/long distance skating, I’ve been having a lot of fun on these things! They are super comfy and very quick, I love it! It’s nice just going out and not chucking your body round like you do in a park or during street skating! I get to just go out and just experience the art of actual rollerblading and cruising with your pals! They turn heads in the street too. I also have the RB80’s which is an 80mm set-up which again I’ve been having fun on in the streets and in skateparks! They just open up a whole different trick selection and you end up looking at things a bit different to what tricks you can do!

Anything you plan to change on your current setup?

Not right now, just trying to keep my skates feeling great and looking good , the New Jacks seem to be very hard wearing so as of yet I don’t feel I need to change much. I guess that’s a good thing though. I do however have a off road frame with big tyre wheels which I want to try. In my hometown we have a yearly tradition of chucking a giant roll of cheese down a super steep hill and people

Chase it down the hill! I want to try and skate down that hill one day but it’s pretty scary and all the ground is uneven. It’s worth looking up ‘Gloucester cheese rolling’ on YouTube, it can get pretty crazy!

You can follow Si Coburn on Instagram @Si_Coburn

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