Winterclash Live-Update #4: Random Shots From The Tradeshow, The Park and Its Skaters

Photography by Olfert Poelen

Olfert Poelen from the Netherlands is flowing through the park with his camera capturing some typical Winterclash emotions. Everyone is here: CJ Wellsmore from Australia, Richie Eisler from Barcelona, Soichiro Kanashima from Japan, local Skater Sven Boekhorst.

Chaz Sands and Sven Boekhorst discussing what they will be doing tomorrow at the Pro Contest

All the way from Down Under: Tomorrow he will be skating without the glasses. 

Carnival also arrived in Eindhoven! 

Getting sweet deals at the Tradeshow: It’s packed! 

Marco Sichau (Chimera) Pieter Wijnant (Adapt Brand)