THC’s Last Tape: Now Available on VOD

Dustin Werbeski and the THC gang are back at it again, with the final instalment of their sunny adventures in the streets of Barcelona, now available on VOD for your viewing pleasure! Starring Nick Lomax, Danny Aldridge, Joe Atkinson and Dustin himself, along with all The Homies Cruising through town, the Last Tape features 19 minutes of great blading, and there’s probably no better way to get excited to go out and blade: watch it now!

Name your price and download the Last Tape here:

THC presents the final chapter of their Barcelona based “vx-vod” trilogy. Starring: Nick Lomax, Dustin Werbeski, Danny Aldridge, Joe Atkinson & a handful of homies. The Homie Crew sadly has no more VX & will be making no more of this. For all those who supported & followed our fun, we can’t say “cheers” enough! – Dustin

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