Shredweiser: Americana Tour – Portland

In the next chapter of Shredweiser‘s adventures on the road, Chris Dafick and crew paid Ross Kuhn a visit in Portland, and this is another banger section for all of you to enjoy! Up there in Oregon, everyone busted out, like Enanoh with a ballsy disaster topside mistrial or Bailey lacing another roof gap, and if watched the rest of the video already, you know this is definitely worth some of your time, and a little gas money donation even!

Download the Americana Tour video:

We will upload the video section by section over the month of January for your viewing pleasure. If you enjoy it want to contribute to the next journey/ video please feel free to buy the video below, it is on sale for 4 bucks which is what a beer? Cmonnnn ….but if not that is cool too. At the least use it to get stoked and plan yourself a trip with some homies and create your own memories. Good times are a foot. – SW

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