Shredweiser: Americana Tour – Intro

Chris Dafick and our friends over at the Shredweiser crew will be releasing their Americana Tour video online over the course of January, and if you are into great spots, long hair and sick street skating, you’d better not miss out on this! Filmed by Marc Moreno and Captain Dafick himself, the video features John Bolino, Seba Seufferheld, Billy O’Neill, Brian Bina, Erik Bailey and many, many more: check out the intro, and stay tuned for more!

We will upload the video section by section over the month of January for your viewing pleasure. If you enjoy it want to contribute to the next journey/ video please feel free to buy the video below, it is on sale for 4 bucks which is what a beer? Cmonnnn ….but if not that is cool too. At the least use it to get stoked and plan yourself a trip with some homies and create your own memories. Good times are a foot. – SW

Download the Americana Tour video:
Visit the Shredweiser website here:
Follow their page for more updates:

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