Scumpire: Zach Pavel – Remz 2015 Section

Remz team rider and Denver resident Zach Pavel made quite a sensation last year, when he dropped his first street section ever! Well, it seems like the boy just did it again, and when you know this piece was filmed and edited by Scumpire‘s very own Ian Walker, with some help from Howie Bennett, you don’t even have to hear about Zach’s casual tech tricks and relaxed style to know it is going to be an enjoyable one!

Ever since Zach Pavel moved to Denver he’s been making moves. He immediately hooked up Geoff Phillip and released his first official part in the fall of 2014. Due to his hard, yet casual work he got in with Remz and wanted to put something out to show his appreciation. Between a short stint of getting seriously smoked this winter, crunking, and filming for his part in Geoff Phillip’s upcoming VOD project, coming out this winter; we managed to whip this cutty lil treat together.– Ian Walker

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