Rzeszow Concrete Madness: Edit, Results & Pictures

The Rzeszow Concrete Madness was the last event of the season for the Polish scene, and it was a perfect conclusion to an already intense year! Hard blading, good times and lots of smiles, it doesn’t really get any better than that! We’ll spare you the words though, as we’ve got both the official video and some great pictures by Kuba Urbanczyk to get along with the results, check them out right HERE.

Pro Results
1. Tomek Przybylik
2. Krystian Zarzeczny
3. Piotrek Combrzynski

1. Pawel Zalejski
2. Bartosz Kidacki
3. Piotrowski Michal

1. Siejewicz Filp
2. Roczniok Aleks
3. Mateusz Majczak