Robert Guerrero continues to defy odds, as his mother Tina provides us with the latest update on his condition:

Talk about livin’ on a prayer (for real, cue Bon Jovi)…

Today, with the support of a walker and mad cheers from my husband, Mac, Rob took a “long” stroll down the hospital hallway. The furthest distance he’s traveled on his own two feet since arriving at the hospital. Woot, woot!

Rob shared that his Occupational Therapist was pumping him up big time, saying that he can’t wait to get Rob into rehab, where they can REALLY do some thangs.

That may be as soon as the next couple of days. And, I want to make mention, that this continued therapy will be possible due in large part to the contributions from the thousands of you who have donated and continue to contribute to his care and recovery.

We continue to be beside ourselves with gratitude.

The focus right now is getting Rob to use the left side of his body, which has been weak as Rob’s injury is on the right side of his brain, which controls the body’s left side function.

In addition, they are starting to work with Rob on everyday functions – things we all take for granted, like brushing teeth, getting clothes on, etc.

This has been an incredibly humbling experience, as you can imagine. And yet, Rob sees this as an opportunity to be in the practice of slowing down and giving himself a shit-ton of grace and love and respect for where he is in any given moment.

It has been incredible for me to witness this first hand and such a great reminder that we are all deserving of such grace, love, gentle honesty, patience, and respect.

May Rob’s journey inspire you to love harder, to deliver shit-tons of grace (to yourself first), to live in the moment, and remember that you are always supported by the seen and unseen.

Stay tuned for more updates…

With love and sparkly gratitude,
Tina + Family

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