Razors Fam: SL Quinny Promo Edit

Razors has arguably the largest team of supporters worldwide, and this new promo edit for Scott Quinn‘s first pro skate definitely is proof! Edited by Josh Glowicki, and filmed by way too many people, it features Json Adriani, Mathias Silhan, Alex Burston, Aritz Ortega, Jarrod Banning, Fredrik Andersson, Dre Powell, Jon Fromm, Yuri Botelho, Taylor Ritchie, Edwin Wieringh and many others, including Carson Starnes‘ last Razors clips!

It’s been awhile since the Razor team has gotten together and put something out. We couldn’t think of a more perfect time than now, to celebrate and give thanks to our homie, the legend, Mr. Scott Quinnnnnnnny. The idea behind the edit was just to say “we love you Quinny.” And thanks for being the coolest. And congrats on the skate!!! Hope you enjoy the edit, G. Keep inspiring the world!” – Josh Glowicki

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