Powerslide: Megacruisin´ Thailand with Nick Lomax

USD pro and street shredder Nick Lomax has been experimenting with different setups lately, and it has lead him to skating increasingly bigger wheels: during his trip to Thailand last winter for instance, he could be seen racing through the streets of Bangkok on these 125mm beasts! Check him out in his latest video for Powerslide, repping the Imperial One80 Megacruiser triskates, and stay tuned for more good stuff very soon too!

European winter sucks, so Nick Lomax took the chance to visit Thailand. Of course, with his custom Powerslide Imperial One80 Megacruiser triskates. He did not miss the chance to skate the new terrain on the other side of the world on his 3 big Matter One20Five wheels.

Visit the Powerslide website here: powerslide.com
Follow their page for more updates: facebook.com/powerslideworld

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