On The Injured List: Alex Broskow

As most bladers on the planet now know, Alex Broskow and Thee Strange crew have been filming quite intensely over the course of the last six months for an upcoming VOD: well, here is another proof of how much sweat, blood and tears go into the making of a video. We heard the unfortunate news that Alex bailed hard and had to get his head stitched up last week, and along with our wishes for a speddy recovery, we shot him a few questions to know how it all happened: get well soon Alex!

Why did you end up in hospital and how long are you going to be out?
I was skating a really bad spot, a short runway drop rail. My feet stopped rolling when I jumped and I didn’t get on the rail right. It looked like someone tripped me. Then I tumbled down the set and hit my head on the wall opposite of the rail. I tried to save myself but no such luck, It was awful. Ended up with 6 staples in my head. But thankfully once I get these staples out I should be good to get back on my skates. So only about another week.

What can we expect from the Strange VOD?
It’s different from VODs that are out now. It’s going to be cool. I’m not sure how to explain it, I don’t want to give anything away. It’s a Strange piece so there’s Strange vibes. All Sony VX, no HD. Amir has been been killing it, some of his best camera work. It’s all in Portland so everything looks sick and it’s not the same boring spots you’ve seen for years. The skating is all over the place, a little bit of everything is in there, all street skating though. I’m very proud of it! Should be a fun watch.

When is it going to be released and how much do you think its going to cost?
I was hoping to be completely done filming by now but since we hit this little speed bump it’ll take a bit longer. Hopefully finish filming sometime before the end of the month with a release early July. That would be ideal. We’re thinking $4.99. I can’t wait for it to be out.

Pictures by The Strange: instagram.com/theestrange
Visit their website here: theestrange.com
Follow them for more updates: facebook.com/theestrangeco




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