Montre Livingston Wins Swedish Open Championships 2015

USD pro and returning champion Montre Livingston took the win this year again at the Swedish Open Championships! Hosted by the great 016 skatepark in Eskilstuna, the contest celebrates the end of an intense week of skate camp with some of the most promising youngsters this side of the pond, and the best coaches worldwide! Congratulations everyone, and a huge thank you to Fredrik Andersson for nurturing the sport’s future!

1st place: Montre Livingston
2nd place: Patrik Johansson
3rd place: Tomek Przybylik

1st place: Axel Bihagen
2nd place: Billy Fredriksson
3rd place: Gustav Dahlström

Swedish Championship:
1st place: Patrik Johansson
2nd place: Linus Hansèn
3rd place: Johannes Karlsson

Photo credit: Michael Pedersen


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