The Mile High Battle was again a success this year. Luke Bender says that they had an amazing year filled with all sorts of entertainment and top notch skating: “Huge thanks to all the sponsors who support the Mile High Battle year after year! Hammerville, Dead, Vibralux, RollerWarehouse, OakCIty, NDN, Razors, Ground Control, Oysi, New Belgium Brewing, and Decibullz Headphones. Big big big thanks to Frank Stoner, Kevin Barr, and Blake Taylor for putting the time and effort to turn a square rail round! It was the best rail ever skated! Greg Freeman for picking the amazing spots for this year! Josh Hayes, Will Enzenauer, Zach Nelson For judging (this year was one of the hardest years to judge). Adam Montoya, Smiley Mosley, Kelly Tucker, and Josh Acosta for producing some amazing trophies for the winners! Thanks to the amazing family who make this happen by showing up and skating their hearts out! Thanks for the love and we can’t wait until next year”!

2017 MHB Standings
1st Place – Zach Pavel $1000
2nd Place – Jarrod Banning $500
3rd Place – Hazen Bell $250
4th Place – Jeremy Spira $100
5th Place – Jett Colby Rennert $50
Best Trick – Zack Pollak $100
Pitted award – Marvin Alon
Most creative – James Cisz
Heart of the comp – Tom Leong
Master Shredder – Tad Tregeagle

Filmed by Brett Cartee and Luke Bender. Edited by Luke Bender.
Music: The Murder City Devils and The Plastic Daggers.