When was the last time you watched a relatively low-key blading video with so many wtf moments? I’ll tell you, it must have been when you actually bought Geoff Philipp’s Secret Project 2. Beside all other great skating in the video, there’s Josiah Blee’s section. The thing that’s most interesting with Josiah’s skating is the tweaks to tricks that sometimes might seem expected, like the little fastplant off a curb to a 360 top acid on a ledge, or the topsoul on the bottom bart of the rail to torqueslide hop to soul. This is what makes his skating genious and give a lot of replay value. And then, there’s the fact that it’s Geoff Philipp behind the camera and editing board. We haven’t posted the video immediately when it came up on youtube thinking how is it possible that you haven’t bought and watched it as soon as it came out?!