The tech master Jon Fromm is never one to be inactive. For well over a decade now he has been consistently dropping profile after profile of highly technical blade moves, and it doesn’t look like ole Jonny Boy will be slowing down anytime soon. In his newest profile appropriately dubbed ‘Keep Pushing’, he shows off his skate sponsor Adapt Brand‘s newest model boot, the Brutale, and puts the skates through their paces with some fast paced switchups and challenging spot selections, all set to a laid back musical score courtesy of Post Data.

So peep Fromm at work and be sure & pick up a pair of Brutale boots from the Adapt shop here and see how they roll for yourselves.

2022 Main Camera: Travis Stewart Additional Cameras: Hawke a Trackler and Steve Steinmetz

Featured background photo courtesy of Steve Steinmetz, @steve_steinmetz.